Weekly Service Times: Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Wednesday @ 6:00 PM

Meet Pastor Randy

Pastor Randy Kerr has been in active ministry for over 36 years. He started as a musician (drummer), choir member, a back-up vocalist with the Praise and Worship Team at his Church, Lead vocalist with the Praise and Worship Team, and a soloist.

In the midst of all of this, he also devoted time to obtaining his ordination through his church’s Bible School and additional online study. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Studies.

Pastor Randy has a lovely wife Tina, three wonderful daughters, three amazing grandchildren and a bonus grandson, who is currently serving in the U.S. Navy. Not including my salvation, they are, of all things God has blessed me with, the best thing to ever happen to me!

The opportunity came to him and his wife to take over the Youth Ministry of the church they attended at that time. The group was self-sustaining, getting no funding from the church general fund. This being the case, the normal fund-raising activities were used to finance the group. He wanted to reach a broader scope of young people. Together they established an annual carnival with full-sized carnival rides, mid-way games run by the group members. The hit attraction was the Dunk Tank. The Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, and other department leaders would take their turns on the seat of the tank, much to the delight of the church membership.

The money earned enabled the group, which was called Hearts on Fire, to schedule annual weekend Advances. They were called “advances” because we didn’t believe “retreating” was a part of God’s plan for His people. Eventually the group, affectionately called HoF, built relationships with other youth groups in the area. As the group grew from a handful to over 100, we received permission from the Pastor of the church to begin a Youth-Only Night Club: ages 13 to 18. The HoF members would convert the fellowship hall into a club type atmosphere. Large wooden cable spools as tables and smaller spools for seats, fish nets draped the walls, as we are called to be, fishers of men. We had our own in-house band playing the most current Contemporary Christian tunes as well as original music. They served popcorn, hotdogs and the in-house refreshment was New York Seltzer Water, among the other brands of soft-drinks. This club was open on Friday and Saturday nights to give young people an alternative to cruising the strip and getting into mischief.

Following years of being involved in Youth Ministry; he began actively preaching to adults in his church. He did this for many years. He was also involved in the new television ministry of the church: starting out as a cable grip and eventually working up to director. It was a very busy season in his life.

Following a move from Indiana to Ohio, he became involved in the church television ministry at the church he attended. These church broadcasts were not only seen in the U.S. on Christian television stations, they were also converted to the European broadcast format and sent to an associated church with a satellite uplink in Kazakhstan. The broadcast, via satellite, reached from Scandinavia to the Middle East with the Gospel of Christ!

While attending his church in Ohio, he was selected to be a cell-group leader. Developing a thriving cell-group ministry, it reached the point of dividing into two groups. His associate cell-group leader became the leader of the second cell.

Pastor Randy continued to work a full-time secular job while doing ministry, as he believed in the Apostle Paul’s work ethic of making tents during the day and preaching the Gospel in the off hours. His ministry work at that time was called, “Market Place Ministry.” This kind of combination enabled him to literally travel the world for his secular work and also allow for sharing of the Gospel. (Acts 18:1-4)

An unfortunate physical incident side-lined Pastor Randy from ministry and secular activity from 2012 until 2019. In 2019 God gave him the vision to begin a home church, Eagles Wings Fellowship. The home church came to fruition in 2020 with the inaugural service in May of that year.

According to the Book of Acts, the church started in homes as the apostles would go from house to house breaking bread, celebrating, and teaching (Acts 2:46-47). We believe the home church develops fellowship and intimacy within the body of believers and with the Lord.

We live broadcast our Sunday morning services. Through our broadcasts, we’ve received emails from Europe to the Middle East, as well as the U.S. These services help us in keeping the Great Commission of going into all the world to preach the gospel! (Matthew 28:16-20)