Weekly Service Times: Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Monday @ 6:00 PM


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Bon Air IN Fellowship

Eagles Wings Fellowship offers a Bon Air IN Fellowship, where faith is intertwined with the community in a unique way. The palpable energy in the air is evidence of the church members’ passionate commitment to their faith. Sunday services are a showcase of heartfelt devotion and joyful celebration, where echoing voices raise prayers to heaven. Each gathering is more than just a religious event, it is a meeting between like-minded beings who share deep beliefs. The warmth and human warmth are as contagious as the serenity experienced within the hallowed walls of the place. In this congregation, the sense of brotherhood transcends any external differences to embrace the love of God.

Eagles Wings Fellowship is a vibrant, family-friendly Bon Air IN Fellowship location. The diverse and engaged community gathers regularly to worship together and grow in their faith. What sets this congregation apart is its focus on inclusivity, creating an environment of love for all who attend. Chants fill the sacred spaces with harmonious vibrations as faithful devotees gather to lift their hearts together. Here faith is not only practiced individually but also collectively, creating a divine symphony of shared reverence. Every word spoken or friendly gesture reflects the passion with which this congregation embraces their common spiritual path.

Bon Air IN Fellowship services are full of energy and passion for faith, with inspiring music and powerful messages. We challenge and inspire members to live their lives in accordance with their Christian values. The congregation also offers various opportunities to engage in missionary activities that positively impact those around them. By being part of the Eagles Wings Fellowship, members find a place to worship together. Additionally, you will find a spiritual family where you can grow in your relationship with God and each other. With dedicated leadership and an engaged community, this congregation continues to be a shining light in Bon Air. We inspire everyone to reach new spiritual heights together.