Weekly Service Times: Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Monday @ 6:00 PM


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Darrough Chapel IN Fellowship

Experience a transformative journey of Darrough Chapel IN Fellowship with Eagles Wings Fellowship. Enter a sanctuary of spiritual growth and community connection like never before. Our community offers a safe haven where people can explore their faith, find peace, and foster deep relationships. Immerse yourself in a supportive environment where you can freely express your beliefs and engage in meaningful conversations. Through our diverse range of programs and events, you will have the opportunity to deepen your spiritual understanding.

Join us at Eagles Wings Fellowship for an enriching experience that will lift your spirit and nourish your soul. Discover the power of community as we come together to inspire each other. Together, we rise on eagles’ wings toward greater unity in our shared quest for divine wisdom and love. Find the Darrough Chapel IN Fellowship you are looking for with us in our church. Enter a sanctuary of peace and harmony, where like-minded people gather to deepen their faith and connection to the divine. Our weekly meetings offer a refuge from the chaos of everyday life. Don’t wait any longer and get the fellowship that you were looking for.

We provide a space for self-reflection, prayer, and community support. Immerse yourself in worship services led by clergy members who inspire and uplift with their messages of hope and love. Engage in meaningful discussions that challenge your beliefs and encourage personal growth. With music that touches the heart and prayers that lift the spirit. Every meeting is an opportunity to renew your faith and rediscover your purpose. Be a part of us at Eagles Wings Fellowship and find the Darrough Chapel IN Fellowship you need. Join us in fellowship as we walk together on this sacred journey toward spiritual enlightenment. Experience a sense of belonging among like-minded souls who welcome you with open arms and hearts full of compassion.