Weekly Service Times: Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Monday @ 6:00 PM


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Fredrick Farms IN Church Fellowship

Join our Fredrick Farms IN Church Fellowship! You will find an environment for meaningful connections with other church members. Join us for prayer meetings and service opportunities! At Eagles Wings Fellowship you will foster spiritual growth and at the same time strengthen ties with other believers. As part of our church community, you will have access to Bible studies that will nourish your spirit. You will build lasting relationships within a welcoming community dedicated to spreading the Word of God.

At Eagles Wings Fellowship you will be spiritually renewed and have a community connection. Enter a community of love with us! Imagine being surrounded by like-minded people who encourage you on your spiritual journey. We have a sanctuary where faith in Jesus grows, and connection with other Christians is fostered. Enter a world of warmth and connection with our community! Our church is a refuge for those seeking solace and spiritual growth.

Experience belonging to a Christian community! Join a welcoming and supportive group of people who share your faith in Jesus. We provide a space where meaningful relationships flourish! At Eagles Wings Fellowship you will feel a sense of belonging by connecting with like-minded people in a warm environment. Participating in our Fredrick Farms IN Church Fellowship allows you to build lasting friendships. Through our regular meetings and service projects, you will deepen your ties with your peers.

Engage in uplifting conversations, receive guidance from elders, and find comfort in times of need. Here you will have a support system! We foster personal connections; you will have the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. Attend our church and participate in Bible studies that will deepen your understanding of the Scriptures! Our programming ensures there is something for everyone to participate in. Deepen your relationship with God and surround yourself with loving companions who will encourage you along the way. Experience the warmth of our Fredrick Farms IN Church Fellowship! Join us to worship God!