Weekly Service Times: Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Monday @ 6:00 PM


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Indian Heights IN Church Fellowship

Meet Eagles Wings Fellowship, where faith takes flight and hearts unite in a powerful community of believers. Our Indian Heights IN Church Fellowship offers a sacred space for spiritual growth, deep connections, and unwavering support. From uplifting worship services to engaging Bible studies and prayer circles. Our community provides a sanctuary for minds and souls seeking enlightenment. Through meaningful discussions of Scripture, impactful outreach programs, and enriching relationships with fellow worshipers. Members experience a deep sense of belonging and purpose.

By becoming a part of Eagles Wings Fellowship, you will discover the transformative power of faith in action. Our Indian Heights IN Church Fellowship is dedicated to serving others with love and compassion. We do this through various community initiatives, such as feeding the homeless, supporting local charities, and spreading messages of hope to those in need. With an emphasis on unity and service within the body of Christ, members are encouraged to explore their talents and passions while making a positive impact on the world around them.

Joining Eagles Wings Fellowship means spiritual growth filled with meaning and fulfillment. Whether you are seeking guidance in times of uncertainty or simply seeking deeper connections within your faith community. Our community offers a supportive environment where people can strengthen their relationship with God and foster lasting friendships with believers. Experience the joy of worshiping together at our fellowship as a family under the grace of God.

Experience a transformative journey at our Indian Heights IN Church Fellowship. Join our diverse community of believers as we come together to worship, learn, and grow in faith. Our vibrant community offers a sanctuary where people from all walks of life can find solace and spiritual nourishment. Here you will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful debates. Also participate in uplifting worship services and receive guidance from experienced spiritual leaders.