Weekly Service Times: Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Monday @ 6:00 PM


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Old Westbrook IN Church Fellowship

Enter a sanctuary of connection and faith in our Old Westbrook IN Church Fellowship. Here you will discover a welcoming community eager to welcome you into meaningful relationships. Participate in sincere prayer meetings where your spirit will be lifted and participate in service opportunities. Our fellowship provides a nurturing environment for spiritual growth and building lasting friendships.

Experience the genuine joy of becoming part of our Old Westbrook IN Church Fellowship. Forge bonds with like-minded people who share your commitment to faith and service. Through our gatherings, you will find comfort in times of need and celebration in times of triumph. Please join us as we come together to support each other through prayer.

Take advantage of the opportunity to deepen both your spiritual and social connection by joining Old Westbrook IN Church Fellowship. As a member, you will have access to enriching encounters that nourish your soul while fostering personal growth. Engage in discussions that challenge your perspectives, engage in activities that strengthen your bond with God. Together, we can cultivate an environment where love reigns supreme and individual journeys are enriched.

With Eagles Wings Fellowship, you will be welcomed with open arms to forge lasting connections. Immerse yourself deeply in the soulful embrace of our congregation. Here each individual is valued and celebrated for his or her unique contribution to the flock. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of support and encouragement through soul-lifting prayer gatherings. At Eagles Wings Fellowship, we believe in fostering an environment where each member can find comfort. Together, we stand united as a community dedicated to serving a higher purpose beyond ourselves.

Join us on this transformative journey toward spiritual fulfillment at Eagles Wings Fellowship of Old Westbrook IN Church Fellowship. Experience the sense of belonging that comes from being part of an authentic community. Embrace the power of fellowship as we walk together hand in hand toward a brighter future filled with hope.