Weekly Service Times: Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Monday @ 6:00 PM


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Pittsburgh Plate Glass IN Church Fellowship

Our Pittsburgh Plate Glass IN Church Fellowship is a place where hearts come together in harmony. Eagles Wings Fellowship is where souls find comfort and strength. Here, we are able to build an unbreakable support network, a safe haven in the midst of the world’s storms. Solidarity and love are the foundations on which our community is built. Each member is valued for his or her uniqueness and her contribution to this sacred meeting space. Shelter is found in shared faith, companions on the spiritual journey and nourished with every word of encouragement.

Within these sacred walls, who we are merges with what we aspire to be: a family united by faith. In this community, we discover our shared purpose of growing together as beloved sons and daughters of our Creator. United under the protective mantle of Eagles Wings Fellowship, we forge indestructible bonds that endure beyond time and space. Our Pittsburgh Plate Glass IN Church Fellowship is truly a powerful force bringing people together in an environment of love. We go further to become an amalgamation of shared stories, dreams and hopes. In this spiritual refuge, we find comfort in times of adversity and celebrate our victories together.

Our Pittsburgh Plate Glass IN Church Fellowship at Eagles Wings Fellowship is characterized by its unique work. People of different ethnicities come together to form a single body, with a common purpose: to grow together in faith. The gospel of salvation is preached throughout the world. We find strength in the unity that comes from focusing on what really matters: glorifying God with our lives. We are not a building where we gather on Sundays, it is a spiritual home where we build meaningful relationships. Our community embraces those seeking belonging and a sense of identity. We provide a safe haven where each individual can experience the transformative love of the Creator. In this beautiful symphony of shared faith, we discover our collective purpose as beloved children of God.