Weekly Service Times: Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Monday @ 6:00 PM


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Sycamore Village IN Church Fellowship

Eagles Wings Fellowship provides a vibrant and welcoming Sycamore Village IN Church Fellowship. Our commitment to faith and fellowship provides a unique space where people can strengthen their relationship with God. The core values ​​of love, compassion and service are manifested through various activities, Bible studies and support programs. All this with the purpose of feeding the spirit and promoting unity among believers. We commit to being bringers of peace and comfort, guiding our community toward a stronger connection with God.

The deep meaning of belonging to our faith-based community is transformative for those who immerse themselves at Eagles Wings Fellowship. We create a dynamic environment that resonates with people of all ages and personal stories. On this shared path toward greater spiritual connection, members discover new perspectives on their faith. Each member feels a renewed sense of purpose in their spiritual journey within our welcoming Sycamore Village IN Church Fellowship.

Eagles Wings Fellowship is a Sycamore Village IN Church Fellowship focused on preaching the gospel of salvation. Our mission, in addition to worship, is to bring the transforming message of the gospel to every place. Every person deserves the opportunity to know the unconditional love of God and the redemption that he brings. We strive to be active bearers of the message of hope and renewal that can only come through Christ. We commit to being a beacon of light in the midst of darkness, offering comfort to those in need. Our burning desire is to see lives transformed, hearts restored, and entire communities impacted by the power of the gospel. Together, as committed members of this fellowship, we seek to make a difference in our environment. In our fellowship we are continually sharing the eternal message of salvation with love and compassion.