Weekly Service Times: Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Monday @ 6:00 PM


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Vinton Woods IN Church Fellowship

Enter a sanctuary of spiritual growth and connection with Vinton Woods IN Church Fellowship. Our community is a beacon of warmth and unity, where believers come together to share their faith in Jesus Christ. Through engaging services and uplifting fellowship events. We create an environment that nourishes the soul and fosters deep relationships.

Joining our church community means experiencing a genuine sense of belonging and support from like-minded people. Whether you are seeking comfort in times of struggle or joy in times of celebration. Our welcoming community is here to accompany you on your spiritual journey. By participating in our diverse range of activities, from prayer groups to volunteer opportunities. Here you will find numerous avenues for personal growth and meaningful connections within our church family.

Our congregation at Eagles Wings Fellowship invites you to experience genuine warmth and unity. In this vibrant community, every member is welcomed with open arms. Through inspiring worship services, thought-provoking teachings, and engaging opportunities for fellowship. We strive to deepen your spiritual journey and provide you with a place where you can find comfort and strength.

Joining us means becoming part of something bigger than yourself: a family united by the love of Christ and each other. At Eagles Wings Fellowship, every gathering is infused with love. Breath flows freely within our walls, fueling your faith while forging lasting friendships. Through impactful outreach initiatives and community events hosted by Vinton Woods IN Church Fellowship. Finding a sanctuary like Eagles Wings Fellowship becomes an exceptional gift. Here at Vinton Woods IN Church Fellowship, you will discover a haven where your soul finds respite amidst.

We prioritize not only individual spirituality but also collective empowerment through service and outreach initiatives. By coming together as one body united in the love of Christ, we impact the community. Take advantage of the opportunity to make a difference alongside other believers who share your passion for spreading goodness and light in the world. Join us in creating a positive ripple effect that extends beyond the walls of our church.